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Pistol Wear Holsters

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I posted this in another forum (above) just for a quick review of Pistol Wear holsters:

OK, so I decided to get a Pistol Wear holster. I got the "Trump Card" model which is a one-pocket Smart Carry-type clone. They also make 1 and 2 pocket models. I only needed a small unit because I already have a Smart Carry.

First impressions: Fabric is more porous so should be cool. Downside is less rugged than Smart Carry, IMO.

Fastens with 3 snaps after adjusting the size with Velcro. This is an improvement, IMO, that you can set and forget. Just fit it and next time you just put it on and it'll fit. Not a big deal, but a little easier, IMO. The whole unit works like Velcro so it is infinitely adjustable. +1 for Pistol Wear.

This model comes with an over-the-shoulder support strap (like a friggin' brassiere! ) so you can wear it in chest carry fashion. I'm still deciding on this. Might be a good option but you'd really need a shirt with buttons or snaps (like my 5.11 Tactical shirt with front snaps instead of buttons that I just got...) and a T Shirt would probably suck for this use.

All-in-all, this looks interesting. I'll assume the other 2 larger models will be about the same except for size. Smart carry or Pistol wear, a self-supported holster that should work well for clothes with out belts or other fasteners.

Pistol Wear - Comfortable Concealment Holsters For Concealed Carry
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Thanks for your input. I'm in the process of deciding between a trump card and a smart carry for use with basketball shorts this summer.
I like my PT-One for working out, running, bike riding or anytime I'm doing something athletic.

The PT holsters are not made to be worn below the belt line like the Smartcarry. So that is a big difference between the two. PT holsters primary role is to be useful while you are doing athletic activities in athletic clothing.
I just bought a Pistol Wear Trump Card too. I do not intend to wear it in the pants like a Smart Carry, but as a shoulder holster. I would say it's more like a Kangaroo Carry than a Smart Carry. I got it to wear when I need to tuck in my shirt, especially for church in the summer when it's too hot for a sport jacket. I've got a hybrid tuckable but do not find it to be very comfortable and not as concealable as the Trump Card. I have not worn it yet except to try it on--looking forward to trying it out in public.
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