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Please help a Newbie

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Hello everybody,
I am trying to buy my first carry weapon. I have done alot of research and in store gun fondling. I think as far as feel goes I have narrowed it down to Kahr p-9, Taurus 709 Slim and Kel-Tec p-11. As you can see, they are all physically about the same size. Any advice would be great as well as any other suggestions on other guns that are about this size.
Thanks for the help.
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Is there a range near you that rents guns? Or maybe a friend that has one?

If you get lucky, there might be a member here that lives near you and wouldn't mind meeting up at the range.

So you like single stack guns? DAO?

Oh, and WELCOME!
Kahr P9

I tend to trust the Kahr brand over Taurus and Keltec, so I'd go with the Kahr P9. For belt carry I'd also consider the all steel Kahr K9, which is the same size but weighs more. The K9 weighs about 26 ounces, which is still pretty light for a belt carried gun.
Blue, yes I think I like single stack due to the fact that it helps make the handle thinner. DAO is fine with me. I have shot a Glock and a S & W M & P. I know the pull is longer and heavier but that is ok. By the way, feel free to correct me on any of this if I am incorrect.
I too would go with the Kahr over the Taurus or Keltec. I have the P9 and it's a wonderful firearm.

Here's a great bit of advise to a newbie; don't buy into the internet rhetoric about one guns quality over another. You can learn a lot from looking at internet info on any given gun but you have to be careful, very careful that you're getting unbiased advise. Also, remember people are much more likely to post favorably about a gun right after they get it and just spent their money. If later they're less than happy about it they don't necessarily post. It's also true that people are more likely to post if they get a lemon and the more numbers of a gun are sold the more likely you are to hear about a negative.

Truth is, no matter what gun you buy, you can get one with a problem. If you do, most primary gun makers are pretty good and fixing it.

You'll hear a lot about the polymer Kahr's having problems. Funny thing is I saw an on-line poll and Kahrs were only slightly behind Sigs and Glocks as far as reliability goes.

My P9 has never had a problem.

I do think the Kahr guns are better make than the other two you're mentioning.

I also own a K9. The K9 is the same gun as the P9 but in all stainless. For IWB carry on the belt I'd take the K9 any day of the week becasue there's a big difference in felt recoil between the two. The P9 isn't bad but it does have a bit of muzzle flip. I believe the recoil of the P9 will be better than the other two your mentioning.

If you're a big guy and don't think the recoil is a big deal the P9 is a joy to carry becasue of the light weight but if I could only have one, I'd definitely go with the K9. It's way more fun to shoot and you can do more things with stainless than you can with a polymer frame. You can also buy wood grips for the K9 if you ever choose to.

another bit of advise, consider getting the gun with factory night sights. It's good to have them on a CCW gun and it's a whole lot cheaper and less of a hassle to buy'em that way.

Welcome and be safe!!
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You owe it to yourself to look at the Springfield XD9 Sub-compact.

I have heard bad reports on any of the "K' guns (Kahr, Kel-tec).

Best piece of advise I can think of is to find to range that rents guns and try before you buy.
Kind of pricey ($599-$649), but take a look at the Walther PPS in either 9mm or .40 S&W. Single stack and DA with trigger safety.
Of those three..the Kahr P9 gets my vote. It is the most natual feeling handgun I have ever felt in my hand. Single stack and light to boot. The suggestion of a K9 is also a good one.
I trust my life to a Kahr CW9...not a single issue (Other than a factory mag that wouldn't drop free that Kahr promptly replaced) I have had a XD9 SC but only have a Kahr now...alot easier to hide and very accurate...Robbie
Thanks everybody. There is alot of really good advice for me to take in. I am going to the gun show next saturday and between all your advice and what I actually get to feel and touch I will hopefully come away with something.
I have both the Kahr and the taurus 709. I love both guns and they both shoot great. the only difference I see in the two guns that gives the karh the edge over the taurus is the Kahr is point and shoot and the taurus has the external safety that you have to disengage before firing and in the event that you would have to protect yourself and your adrenaline going you may forget to disengage the safety and hesitation will get you killed. Also if you decide to get the kahr which is awesome you need to put 200 rounds through it before you carry it. The kahr's need broke in before carry
Have you considered the Glock 36? Single stack, 22 oz. and 45ACP!
Out of the guns you mentioned the Moonie ( Kahr) gets my pick. Good luck with your future purchase and just so you know, most of us have several carry weapons as we rarely get it right the first time around. Besides there is no one gun that is right for all occassions, just like a pair of shoes!! Just wait until you need to select a holster, lol!!!

I'd take the advice given here so far. Try as many brands and models as you can get your hands on.
NCH, I am already having the holster dilemma and I haven't even made a gun purchase yet. :)
Out of your choices, I'd pick the P9. I have a CW9 and to be perfectly honest, I'd pick it over the P9. They are basically identical guns except the CW9 has regular rifling, instead of polygonal rifling and the CW9 sights aren't as easily changed. The CW9 was under $400, compared to the $600+ for the P9. It wasn't worth the $200+ difference, to me...
I got my carry permit at the start of this year and purchased a P11 to use as my main carry gun.
It functioned %100 right out of the box and I was very happy with it. It is a hard gun to shoot accurately due to the long and heavy trigger pull.
I got a great deal on a Glock 19 and have now started carrying that as my EDC. It really is not that much harder to conceal than the P11 with a good IWB holster, and is much easier to shoot accurately.
But you would be well served with the P11.
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