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You need an adapter to mount an M3 to the HK rail...

Theres a difference in a weaponlight and a flashlight. Flashlights are for illumination in general. Weaponlights are used for identifying targets. The Harries Technique is great, as long as you dont have to open a door, drag someone, apply pressure to a wound, or anything else that would require you drop the light or put it away.

The Surefire 6P mounted on my AR15 wont replace the 6P or G2 on my nightstand. Neither will the 623FGA I'm going to mount on my mossberg, or the 610R that I plan on putting on my SA. Well, I may go with an add-on rail and an X200B for the SA, Caspian and Dawson caught my eye. I got a lot of money to spend on that pistol beofre I get to hanging a light on it, so I have time to decide.

What kills me is a light rail on a 1911, a SIG P220, or other piece of fine artwork that doesnt have a light on it. Now I aint a big fan of laughing gas, but it is kinda like putting a two-stage nitrous system on a car but never hitting the button. All it does is clutter up the engine bay, whats the point?
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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