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pocket holster for the s&w 642

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any suggestions?
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FIST K5 and a DeSantis Nemesis as you wait (and as a beater later). If you can spend a little more, I like the added ultrasuede option on my K5. It helps the K5 grip my pants better to stay put and FIST says it will help with any possible cracking of the kydex many moons down the road. It doesn't add very much at all to the thickness either. Looks and feels good too.
Superfly with panel for concealment.

Mika for ease of draw.
Mika is, IMO, the best out there for pocket carry of a 642.
I hear a lot about the Mika but I would think about how little retention it has. I have never owned one but from what I've read it seems similar to the Uncle Mikes pocket holsters in that the gun slips out VERY easily. This can be an advantage but it can also be a disadvantage. I've dumped a 642 out of dockers pockets on a low couch using an Uncle Mikes. I would be concerned that the Mika might be similar.

To me the Mika also seems bulky and I've read a number of reviews that mention that fact. For larger guys that's not a problem but for smaller guys it might be.

I too am looking for the best pocket holster for my 642. I like the Kramer one but it's just WAY too much money for what it is. You're paying for the name, period.

At this point I'm considering trying one of these:


I like the fact that the front side is flat to break up the outline of the gun but it has molding so there's positive retention. I also like the shape, the price, and the lead time.

AGAIN, I haven't tired these but after looking for a LONG time I like this one. There are a lot of guys making the pocket holsters but if they have moulding on both sides then you're going to have printing issues in my opinion.
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Kramer. Worth it.
PCS is a close second.
Mika's are good but for me The RKBA holsters are better. A little more retention and thinner in the pocket. Low price, pretty quick turnaround, functional, and leather made make it a good buy. Check them out. RKBA Leather & Holsters
I had a Mika for my NAA Guardian I loved it. Very simplistic....but I am looking for one for my new on the way 340. I like the looks of the PCS , and the Kramer. But The Kramer is 100 bucks. The RKBA are very nice also. I also looked at the Talon tactical in kydex they also seem very well built
Mika is, IMO, the best out there for pocket carry of a 642.
In my opinion too. :hand10:

As far as retention, unless you stand on your head a lot it shouldn't be a problem. If you do find yourself on your head then you have bigger issues than pocket carry was meant for. :smile:

Stoner makes a great holster that does not print.
I have a Mika round cut, an RKBA and an Uncle Mike's for my 642. I use the Mika for rounded pockets and the UM for square pockets... I loved the RKBA, it had my initials on it, but I gave it to my son when he got his 642... We have the same initials, boy did he get a sweet deal...

The Mika and RKBA are excellent holsters and well worth the money. The UM serves its purpose, for an inexpensive holster...
This has a definite advantage...

Fist Pocket Holster w/Thumb Push

It's the 'thumb push' that guarantees the gun comes out and the holster stays put.
I have several of these holsters...they are well worth looking into...:yup:
I was scanning Matt's in stock page one day and I got lucky.

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Wow, that's a nice pocket holster! :image035:
Even Del Fatti's pocket holsters are a thing of beauty, nice find Jackawala!
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