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Police: Teens with high-powered weapons on rise

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This deluge of ridiculous media "coverage" brought to you by Left Wing Media, Inc.

Prepare to be entertained.

Ah yes, we start with the word powerful to describe... well you'll see.

military rifles, the kind used against United States troops in Iraq,
ARGHHHHH head hurts...

#1 - Anything and everything you can imagine is being used against US troops in Iraq. I've seen pictures. Those people don't care what it is so long as it fires.

#2 - Obviously if you don't agree with this premise, you are against our soldiers because these bad rifles hurt our soldiers. Those naughty rifles.

are increasingly being found on young teenagers in North Texas, police said.
That's nice. Can you verify that with hard numbers? Then why don't you add a qualifier like "seems" to show it's an opinion.

The weapons are so powerful they could pierce some body armor, which has some officers worried.
Oh no!!!!!! Hey your average knife will penetrate body armor too. Better ban knives.

Besides we all know how powerless the police are to operate without their body armor. They depend 100% on their equipment which is always new, shiny, and in perfect condition because their departments are so well funded.

I'm sorry I don't recall the last time I saw an officer wearing body armor.

"This is what we are facing here on the streets," said Mike Dupree, Dallas County constable.
God bless ya constable. There is some messed up crap out there.

A little rant here, I hate pieces like this because they operate on the premise that some gun magically grants one powers to be more competent and more hard boiled than the police. Also, the whole tone of the thing is "Those poor helpless police officers... they're incompetent to handle a situation which they are professionally trained for."

High powered rifles, guns and ammunition were all recently taken from teenagers by Dallas County Constables.
Either they arrested everybody at my family reunion or the 4H club got taken downtown for a night in the pokey.

"This is the clip of an AK-47 right here,"

Dupree said while he showed News 8 some of the confiscated weapons and ammunition. "These are hollow points right here."
Ooooh that sounds scary teenagers with hollow points... better to pierce the body armor with right? :rolleyes:

Dupree said many citizens might be shocked out how easy it is for young kids to get a hold of the high-powered weapons.
Ignoring the ridiculous buzzwords, NO JOKE, SHERLOCK!

Criminals are always going to find a way around laws.

"Oh sure, you can give a kid $300, $400 dollars and say, 'Here, go buy a gun,' and he'll be back in less than an hour with a gun," he said.

Erica Hernandez said she agrees after her 13-year-old brother was placed in jail after she said he was armed with a 9-millimeter handgun and robbed a local vendor.

"Thirteen-years-old and he got a hold of anything he could get a hold of," she said.

Some residents in Oak Cliff said they have seen more teenagers with guns as well.

"They get in a beef with somebody or an argument, they can just pop the trunk and take out guns and shoot," said resident Latasha Brown.

Recently, a 15-year-old Dallas girl was arrested and accused of robbing several banks over the last few months. Incidents such as those have authorities nervous.
Because obviously these confused youths are just emotionally upset and those evil middle aged white gun dealers push their wares onto them.

"This type of fire power right here, you could stand off a division of law officers," Dupree said.
With all due respect sir, invest in a Remington 700P that comes with all the optics and gear it needs, and train at least one person in the department to use it. That will solve that problem nicely.

Law enforcement agencies said they are now targeting areas where there are guns and gangs in an attempt to get to the weapons before they end up in young hands.
What we need is some kind of law prohibiting minors from buying guns. That'll solve the problem. If only this were illegal.

I wonder how we ever survived before 1968.

FWIW I believe they probably took the officer's remarks out of context and positioned them in such a way as to promote their underlying message.
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Good rant Euc!!! :wink:

Tell those folks to go over to the UK - plenty of teens there are getting hold of guns - where no guns virtually are permitted!!!

It is a FACT - anyone - 12 years old (less even) or 90 years old - with the required $$$$'s, most certainly WILL find access to a gun - always.

Oh yes - those magic words too - ''power'', ''armor penetrating'', along with of course ''assault'' etc - the favored way to woo the public opinion into believing what is not, and helping them believe the usual ''guns are bad'' tripe.

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All I can say is ME TOO (what you said that is) man!

Sometimes I wonder if this kind of deception is all the gun grabbers have to work with or if it is just emotionally driven ignorance. I guess it's both.

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It's a bit early (AM) to get my blood pressure up, but..... I love the rhetoric, "high powered", etc. I've always believed that in defending the 2nd Amendment that truth will prevail. Those opposed to the 2nd suffer no such restriction. Propagandists need not fear the rigidity brought on by staying within the bounds of truth. In my youth, there was hardly a teenager that didn't have a .22 or a 12 gauge either in his bedroom, on the family gun rack or in his car trunk. Our motives were clear. It was squirrel season or pheasant or duck season. I wonder where that world went?
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