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Posting Instructions

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As you are reading through a forum, you will see three buttons on the right side, top and bottom of a the topic posts. They are:

New Topic
If you want to post a new topic within a given subforum, but not within the current thread, you can start a new topic by clicking this button. It will open up a clean \"Post New Topic\" page for you to enter your post. You must type a \"Subject\" or you will lose all that you typed into the \"Message\" box when you attempt to post the topic. I\'ve done it without thinking, you may do it, too. :p

New Poll
After the upgrade of the forum software, members that have a poll that they would like to see us run, you can let me know and I will put one together. For right now I would rather not go into posting of polls. When the upgrade is complete I can start doing this.

Post Reply
If you have something on topic to add to the current thread, and we hope you do, click this button to open a new \"Post Reply\" page for you to enter your comments. You may or may not enyter a \"Subject\" on this page, most people do not.

There are also three buttons on every post within a thread. They are:

This will allow you to edit a previous post of yours, not someone else\'s. Actually it will allow you to edit theirs and then when you go to post it, it will disappoint you :p

This will open up a \"Post Reply\" window with the poster\'s message quoted. Simply scroll to the bottom, enter a blank line and type your response. You can cut out any part of the original quote if you are answering one small part of a large post.

Opens a U2U messaging window that will \"Report\" this member\'s post to me for action. When we had the only member I have ever banned a while ago, I got a number of these from concerned members. It helps me get right to the offending post very quickly without having to look for it which may take some time.

At the bottom of every post you will find three more buttons labeled:

Will give you the \"Profile\" of the poster.

Will find all posts by this member in the past 24 hours.

Will send a U2U instant message to the member.

Hope this helps those of you having problems posting.
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