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Maxpeditions waist pack $40
Main compartment dims: 9" wide on top, 7" wide on bottom, 5" high x 3" deep
Front compartment dims: 6" x 5" x 1.5"
Front slip pocket dims: 5.5" x 4"
Back slip pocket dims: 8" x 4"
Waist strap: 2" removable, max. waist size 48"

The OCTA is Maxpedition's take on the old fanny pack idea. The end result is a great waist pouch for military and civie adventurers a like. For starters the usual Maxpedition heavy duty nylon is used for the construction to set this apart from bargain big packs. The pouches are well laid out with dividers and bonus elastic in the front compartment. Loop velcro is on the exterior for ID patches and the top space it utilized more than usual with a flap and shock cord rig. The flap is good for quick access to flashflights or beatsticks and the shock cord can accomodate bigger odd shape items like water bottles. The Octa comes with a removable 2" waist strap, but really excels in mounting options. The back side has PALS webbing and further 1" webbing loops are on the sides on the back and front. This way you can attach the Octa about anyway you want including malice clips, grimlocks, silk clips, and more. With all the connection points one also has more versatility on placement to mount it on gear such as chest rigs.
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Tagua single stack 9mm mag pouch $15

JS Paddle holster for Glock 19 $40
From their web site:
This is our flag ship (so to speak) for KYDEX® holsters. We designed this holster as a single piece with the paddle formed away from the body. The result: a KYDEX® paddle holster crafted to securely hold the firearm, be comfortable to wear, aid in concealment without hindering a smooth draw or re-holstering and stand up to everyday wear and tear. We employ an even cut at the bottom of the holster to allow the use of longer slides.

Remora no clip holster #4 $20
Bicycle saddle

Tagua leather slide holster fits a Keltek PF9 or similar $20

Don Hume leather slide holster fits Glock 19 $20
Handgun holster

Saiga 223 16” non-converted w/ 1 ten round magazine $50
This rifle does not have a bolt carrier group or piston and the trigger group is broken. Let me explain this a little bit, I had this rifle for about a year and only put about 500 rounds through it then one day my dumb ass had it field stripped and I pulled the trigger and it broke one of the springs in the trigger group. I never got around to fixing it so I tried to sell it but I could only find a buyer for the BCG and piston and the rest of the rifle has been buried in my closet for about 3 years now.
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I except PayPal and all prices include shipping except for the rifle, I would prefer FTF (Georgia) but if you want it shipped to your FFL then you have to pay the shipping costs.
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Sorry guys I had a small emergency to attend to the last couple of days but I am back now.
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