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Pounding the X ring.

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I went to a meat shoot tonight and shot really well. My group size was far better than anyone else there. I was pounding the ten ring....BUT on every round I lost out to someone just a little closer to the center. We had about 27 shooters so there was allot of folks there to get lucky. To be honest though there were a good number of skilled shooters there so competition was tough. I hate to lose but at least I made the field work hard to beat me. :hand10:
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Good job. And, you had fun. Can't beat that. ;)
A "meat shoot"??? Does that have anything to do with Smartcarry holsters?
A "meat shoot"??? Does that have anything to do with Smartcarry holsters?
No it means you receive steaks, pork chops, etc. when you win. I didn't invent the name thats just what they are called. I usually bring home a couple packages of steaks or a roast but not tonight.
Ive competed at turkey shoots before where first place to a 30lb turkeyand such..Good job, keep getting out there and youll be geting the x ring everytime..
A "meat shoot"???
How High Up Does This Thing Go - Clips - South Park Studios

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NSFW, harsh language.

Anyways, this is what I thought of when I read 'meat shoot'
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