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Prepaid Legal Aid?

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Anyone have a membership or something that would provide legal aid \ lawyer if needed if you were involved in a shooting? (example: like you had to shoot someone in self defense.)

Info \ Links?
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As a criminal defense lawyer, I've got a number of my colleagues' phone numbers on speed dial - and they have mine.

A concern that I see with those prepaid legal service deals is that the ones I've dealt with (worked for a guy who was on one while I was in law school, and they're available through my state job) don't let you choose the attorney who'll be representing you. And you don't necessarily want your lawyer to be selected by virtue of being the guy whose is on top of the pile - but that's who they'll assign to you.

I think that you want to put at least as much care into selecting your lawyers for different areas of your life as you do your physicians. Remember, the guy who passes the bar with the lowest possible score on his tenth time still has "Esq." after his name, and still is technically qualified to take on a criminal case in court. Personally, though, I'd want someone with demonstrated ability and a familiarity with the subject matter.

There have been a few threads here in the past on "How to find the name of a good lawyer to have around in case you shoot someone?" Shouldn't be hard to find with a search.
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Hi Erich -

Any ideas as to how to actually approach lawyers in one's locale? I only ask because I anticipate some being overtly hostile to the mention of the word ''gun''!! I really must research who is around.

Is a ''cold call'' the easiest way - and just shrug off hostilities - and is there any favored method of asking - obviously the tactful way! I guess something like ''? 2A support'' etc?
The range where I took my CCW-required class retained a law-firm full of pro-gun lawyers. Chris, instead of cold calls, you might want to check with your local ranges and clubs. Also, find a really good trial lawyer you respect, and see who s/he would want to defend them in a shooting case.
NRA has insurance available that pays up to 50K (I believe) if you are acquitted.

That might mount half of a criminal defense.

If you ask me, aftermath planning is a true tactical consideration as there are many deaths one can die.
Tom - yes I must ask around at my IDPA club - should have thought of that. Keep forgetting.

Re local ones tho - heck the only one I know is the one we used to do our will - and that's it. I don't think she is a gun fan somehow, even tho I was carrying when in her office :wink:
+1 on Tom357's recommendation. The card I carry in my wallet was recommended by my CCW instructor as the best GG vs BG defense lawyer in Arizona....
I agree with Tom357 and thats what i do .. Mine was actually recommend by couple of local police officers
P95 Carry - well, I know you've seen my "how to find a defense lawyer in three easy steps" stuff, so that's not what you're asking. You're asking how to break the ice on the phone?

Don't worry about it. You're talking criminal defense lawyers here. They will not freak out. (They've heard creepy stuff before!)

But I understand you not wanting to come across like a psycho . . . perhaps if you say something like,

"I have a concealed carry permit. I'm completely law-abiding, but they told me in my licensing class for the permit that we should have the name of a good lawyer in case - God forbid - we have to lawfully defend ourselves. Plus, sometimes I need a good lawyer for other things. Your name was recommended to me by ____________________. Do you mind if I come by and talk to you for five minutes, and maybe get your card?"

Won't freak them out a bit, and they'll totally get it.
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I've got a PrePaid Legal Service. I have to admit that it is one of the best things our base commander has done for us. While I've never had to use it myself, I have heard good things from two of my friends who have.
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