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Price for a *used* Ruger LC9 ???>>>

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What is a good price for a used Ruger LC9 ??? Thanks for any info. God Bless :smile:
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LGS here in Massachusetts has one for $400. It may be more than elsewhere since Ruger's new LC9s are no longer certified for sale by dealers in Massachusetts, so they only come into the state through LEOs (who can buy whatever whey want) and people who move here.
Don't get me wrong i like ruger but I would recommend the Kahr CW9 over the lc9. Same price range, better trigger and no LCI or safety. Give it a look!
I sold my LC9 (of about 4 months old) along with a Mitch Rosen Leather holster and 3 clips (with ammo) for $450.00..Then Purchased a Glock 26 (Gen 3) for 499.00 NIB....

The Glock is a far superior handgun to the LC9 in my humble opinion due to the LC9 short stack, trigger pull and less than perfect accuracy........
I sold my LC9 […] Then Purchased a Glock 26
Is the quarter-inch increase in thickness noticable wrt. concealability? Where on your body do you carry it?
Thanks everyone for your comments. I saw a used one today at a pawn shop and they were asking $375 for it. I was going to see if they will take $340 for it out the door tomorrow. I already have a Kahr PM9 that is my daily carry, but I wanted an extra small 9mm that I can just have around. God Bless :smile:
Is the quarter-inch increase in thickness noticable wrt. concealability? Where on your body do you carry it?
Well I have 2 carry positions.....warn and cold weather...cold weather finds my handgun in strong side leather holster OWB covered with jacket/coat/sweater/vest.
warm weather finds it in appendix position (1:00 O'clock) IWB Sticky holster covered by shirt worn outside pants...polo, button tee shirt..

The only difference I can denote is a wee bit more weight but nothing to concern myself about. Thicker slide does not concern me and has not been a problem with concealment.

The LC9 was difficult for me at least to shoot accurately as I demand due to the Loooooooooooong trigger pull...with the Glock you just think about pulling the trigger and she fires right on target. Plus with the 26 and other mags (19 for example) I really have about 3 different glocks in one......Hope this may help you
The LC9 is available new at bud's for $348.00 but there would be shipping and transfer on top of that. Also my local Academy has one new for $399.00 plust tax. I have been considering purchasing one and borrowed a friends this evening so that I can carry it tomorrow and see how I like it. Although it has only been in my posession a couple of hours, so far I do not like it at all. It is only about 2 months old and feels very cheap and sloppy to me. When I chamber a round it does not fully seat and you have to manually push the slide up the last quarter inch or so. I tried 2 different brands of ammo and got the same result. When I hit the magazine release it sometimes "hangs" and will not drop the mag without grabbing it with my off hand and pulling it out .This may be limited to this particular gun but like I said, so far I am not impressed at all.
Mine was $300 brand new with only 1 mag. Just get a new one from Buds. You don't know what they may have done to it. Some people try and make them better and it may or may not be a good idea
$359.99 NIB in my neck of the woods.

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