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This knife has never been used.

I have another just like it and that one is my camp knife.

The buyer also gets the original factory sheath. (NOT SHOWN) but, you get it anyway.

The knife is unused but, does have some minor bright highlight rub marks from sliding in and out of the factory Cordura Nylon sheath.

In other words it has been in and out of the sheath quite a bit but, has never been used to cut anything.

I do not believe that this particular Gryphon Terzuola knife is still being made.

The newer Bob Terzuola measures 11" (something) Overall Length and is not this same design.

This one has my favorite blade profile for all of my large knives.
Full tang...NO HANDLES TO BREAK or get loose or chip.

This knife measures 13.25" OAL and sports a 7&1/2" blade.
The blade steel is AUS-8 High Quality SEKI made - and all Gryphon knives are individually hardness tested.

I believe this one to Rockwell 53 or 54 :confused: (not sure)

Anyway the present Terzuola Gryphon knives are priced at $158 - $168 - $225. - $258...I just quickly Google looked on the web and those were some of the prices for the M35 Combat Utility and a couple of other styles.

I am asking $90.00 for this one and $10.00 for Priority Mail Insured Delivery. I think that is a fair price for this nice big knife.

First person to say they want it gets it.

PayPal Preferred.

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