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My son and I went to the Sheriff's Dept. outdoor range today. I was hoping that I'd get to finish zeroing in my iron sights at 100 yds; however, nearly all of the 10 shooting lanes were occupied when we got there, and the group was shooting at 25 yds line. So, I did my first standing, off-hand w/ sling, shooting with the rifle today.

That's my target on the end, and I took this photo from the 25 yd line.

I was trying to cover the bulls-eye with the top of the front post.

Then I put up a Red Dawn target. The lower group was shot as I tried to hold the front post on the center mass of the target. I covered the the head of the target with the front post when I shot the upper group. I think the upper group is tighter because I realized that I hadn't been focusing on the front post like I should have.

In case anyone is counting the holes, my son shot the rest of the 40 rounds. And when comparing the PTR to his AR-15, my son's comment was that the recoil on the AR is "snappy" but that the PTR's recoil was more of a push.
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