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I came across someone who told me before 18-20 you can buy a handgun from a private seller in Florida but 21 and up from a FFL because then federal law kicks in. However the other day I was told 21 even from a private sell which I believe is incorrect right? I know you are legal to own and posses a handgun at age 18 in Florida what bout buying from a private sell? I will be 21 in a few months so just curious. I do however currently own a handgun and have for over a year so I dont see how you cant buy one at 18?

You can purchase a handgun from a private party at 18. Anyone holding an FFL (any gun store, etc.) is prohibited from selling a handgun to anyone under 21, regardless of state law.

See Jon Gutmacher, Florida Firearms, 6th edition, pp 20-21.

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