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I got my Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro about a week ago. I bought it new and unused but it was pre-owned and I paid $75 less than new so I HAD to see what a $185 holster was all about so I jumped on it.

I unboxed it and was VERY impressed. VERY stiff, VERY well built, VERY good retention, and VERY masterfully crafted. The guy who makes these (Rocky I think is his name) is truly an artist and I could see where the cost was worth the money. Build quality is better than any I have ever seen, period.

I put it on OWB first per the instructions. It helps it mold to your hip. I LOVED it as an OWB. Could use a little more cant, but I am a guy who likes 15-20 degrees of forward cant. Regardless it has excellent retention and was snug and held the pistol where it should be. After a day of that I decided that the holster was too tight (the gun was IN THERE and didn't come out quickly) so I put it in a plastic bag and let it "marinate" in the safe for a few hours. Took it back out and it seemed better. Here is where the story gets a little crazy so stick with me.

I set it up for IWB carry with the supplied straps and screws and put it on. Ouch, this thing digs into me (at the 4 oclock position) and wearing it was all but painful. I then adjusted it 20 different times to get it where I wanted it. Still hurt. The leather was just THAT stiff and the shorter length of the 3" 1911 holster made it dig in just below my belt line. Crap. I got frustrated and put it away. (in fact I pm'd the guy I bought it from and asked him if he wanted to buy it back and maybe try re-selling it, this time for what it is worth, he didn't want it so I listed it for sale on another forum).

A few days passed and I had left it next to my desk. While on a conference call I began fondling it again. I thought, this is just too dang nice to let go just yet. So I started trying it out again. Weapon retention was still way to tight so I doubled up the plastic bags over my Kimber and jammed it in the holster and left it in the safe over night. The next morning, I tried it and the retention was PERFECT. OK, cool, now we are getting somewhere.

Next I tried it on. It didn't hurt anymore. It felt like a glove on my hip. :banana: So I left it on and drove to take my son to work. Still felt good, even with the aggressive side bolsters in my car seats and didn't dig into the leather (it is a problem I have so I was pumped). Got home, walked around, lounged around, went for a walk and no problems. And excellent concealment to boot.

If you buy one, give it a chance to really break in because they are so stiff (part of what makes them waterproof/nearly indestructible) they need to be softened up some with use. I am wearing it as I type this and it feels like a little "hug" for my hip. Draws are easy yet retention is excellent, I have no idea how that works, but it does. I only one minor gripe, reholstering can be a challenge with one hand if you have a slightly "portly" dimension and tend to cinch up your belt tightly. This is due to the fact there is no reinforcement in the mouth of the holster. For skinnier people or ones who don't like a tight belt, it is a non-issue.

So all in all I am VERY pleased with this holster and I can tell you, it is well worth the $185 they cost, even though I didn't have to pay that much! :image035:


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