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Question about Tennessee law

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Don't know if anybody knows, but I haven't been able to find much on a Google search.

I have four wooded acres. I would like to set up a one lane range for use with handguns only. At present, I don't have any long guns. Does anyone know where I can find laws regarding restrictions? Noise? Direction of travel?

All I have been able to find so far is that it has to be 100 yards from an occupied dwelling.

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I'm an ex-Memphian. If you are in the city limits, it's against the law. If your land is in Shelby county call the sheriff's office. Good luck
Shelby County. Not inside the city limits.
Like I said, check with the sheriff's office or call the Shelby county government office on Monday. I hope you get your land set up to shoot. I still have family in Memphis and come home several times a year. It would be nice to have a place to shoot....yeah, that's a pretty strong hint.
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