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Question about training in and around a vehicle.

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MERCOP's thread made me think of something else, but I didn't want to hijack his thread.

I have been wanting to incorporate my vehicle into my training. Mainy shooting around it as concealment, and perhaps shooting from the window.

Now obviously in a real situation I wouldn't care, but for training, is there anything I should watch out for, or avoid doing? I remember seeing a video where a guy used his tailgate as a rest to shoot his 50bmg. Apparently the muzzle blast shattered his tail light. I'm not sure my 45 could do that, but is there anything like that to watch out for? I'd like my vehicle to leave the range with all the holes and fluids it cam in with.

Yes I am able to do this at my range.

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Thanks for the memory. IMO Rentals work great for actual deployments, but only after ALOT of stressed practice with less expensive alternatives (cardboard refridgerator boxes for example), old golf carts (inoperative) or junk cars.
LMAO when I saw a guy years ago bring his own vehicle to a tactics class (Fiancee's new jeep) and promtly shoot into the hood (DOH!) in all his excitement when deploying at normal speed and engaging multiple targets. I felt bad for practically choking on laughter at his obvious distress over putting some fine raking shots into the hood, but then as a guy you take your laughs when you can. ps: It got worse when he asked how was he going to explain those.... answers included:
-what holes?
-wow! I didnt see those!
-road rage?
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