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Question for Shot shell hand loaders.

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Has anybody used "creative" loads for handloading 12G shells? I read a couple posts that mentioned rocksalt. We were talking about it at work. The one guy's FIL mixed powder in with the shot. He said you could hear 2 "bangs" and there was of course a flame. Not that you would ever use it for real, but we were just kicking the idea around as to what else you could do out of the ordinary, just sort of a "See what happens" or "grins and giggles". The first thing we said was Skittles, then it went to gobstoppers. I am guessing that candy would melt and foul the barrel fairly bad. What else would be interesting? Has anyone done anyhting off the wall?
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This gets discussed now and again - sometimes folks mention the ''exotic'' stuff Deltaforce has on sale - ''Dragons Breath'' etc.

From what I have deduced so far - those offerings are over-priced and pretty miserable. Bit ''gimmicky'' IMO.

I handload shotshells but have not ''played'' much at all. I think the general concensus is rocksalt is probably not much good - and from an SD POV - only gonna aggravate a BG!!! Some folks have loaded dimes I believe!

I daresay creativity could know no bounds but not for me - I'll stick to the usual loadings of lead shot :smilez:
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