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Question on a Sig 2022

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My buddy I work with has a Sig SP 2022 With a 357 sig and a 40s&w barrel along with 3 12 round mags. He bought the gun from gander mountain as a factory refurb. and he has never put a round thur it. Said he wants to sell it without taking a loss witch means he needs $570 for it. Just wonderin if you guys think its worth that price??????

One other bad thing is he also has almost $500 in ammo for it and would like to sell it also with the gun....Buts its tons of JHP's that I dont really need

Thanks for any help guys..... this is my first posting on this site signed up a few days ago and just love the info this site has on it...
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The value of the Sig is about $350, The Bbl is in the $90 - $200 range depending on brand. If it is a Sig Bbl @ $150. So he is a little high by my reckoning.
I have the exact same set up in 357/40. It is a very accurate compact pistol. I'd probably offer him $700 for the gun and ammo to boot.
Everbody wants to get all thier money back, that ain't how the market works. Suppose it were a Colt Python that he bought new in 1979 for $400, do you think he would be happy just getting his money out of a Python that today is worth @ $1500? Some things increase in value some things decrease, a used Refurbished 2022 decreased.
Have him go to a couple of gun shops (they low-ball anyway) for a reality check, then offer him the $700 deal that RebelRabbi speaks of...:blink::yup:
I had a gun shop offer me 300.00 for my 2022 a couple years ago,I was thinking of trading,but the low offer and high prices of their guns made me leave with mine,I still have it,350.00 is about right
Thanks for the input guys......The stupid thing is he said he doesn't need to sell he just heard I was in the market for a 40 cal so he mentioned that he had one he may sell to me.

Thanks again for the simple but great advice
CDNN sports currently selling 9mm SP 2022 for $399 brand new. Buying a refurb probably getting a returned gun that could be problematic. Personally, I would go with a new gun.
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