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That shooting and handloading sometimes!

Trial and error. At least you have eliminated the hard part, and have greatly narrowed your search.

You know. I should have just started with me :rolleyes:
But I'm blaming Dillon ;)

Crimp was too heavy.

I'm used to Dillon pistol dies, but Dillon does not make 327 Fed mag dies, so I had to get RCBS.
Now Dillon pistol dies start with a taper crimp and if you screw down further you are into the roll crimp. And seating and crimping are two different stages.
RCBS dies seat and crimp all in one step and I remember a lot of fiddling around setting it up. Especially because there was a metal burr on the threads and I thought I was against the case mouth when I wasn't.

I compared the 327 rounds to my 45 Colt and 38 Spcl and it did look like I had much more crimp on the 327, so before I did anything else I loaded some up with barely any crimp.

XTP bullets


Probably still could have been tighter groups, seeing as how I was semi-resting with the lever on the steering wheel, but this is more like it.
I had only heard of over crimping affecting lead bullets, but apparently jacketed can be affected, too.

The good news is I can leave the die set up where it is and go right from the XTP's to the LWC's. The lead bullets seat a little shorter OAL, but still longer than the manual calls for and into the cannelure.

So doh (insert smacking head smiley here).
Learnt somethin' new.

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Sizing: all my non-Dillon sizing dies size the case lower than the Dillon.
Seating and crimp can be done in one step, but NO body should be making a crimp section that transitions from taper to roll. Taper generally can taper to the point where the case moth is shoved into the bullet, but it isn't a roll crimp--it is user error.
I have always separated seating from crimping and only taper crimp semi-auto rounds enough to remove the case mouth flare.
Manuals don't "call for" a given COL, they report the COL they used for testing...
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