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Questions on Nevada non-resident ccw permit

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I am considering moving to nevada and am going to be going out there in about a month to visit relatives and check it out. I was wondering how do I apply for a non-resident carry permit while there? I looked on and it wasen't very clear so I was wondering if anyone here with a nevada non-resident ccw could fill me in on the process please? What type of training will I need and whats the turnaround time?,also how are nevada's gun laws in general and do I have to register any handgun that I bring into the state? thanks guys.
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Hey, Joe. Go to and click on Non-Resident Permits on the left. The page has a pretty good section on Nevada.
Go here and contact Jim Mayhugh, he is a member here. He will know everything you need to know.

On the registration, it depends on where you visit. Inside of Clark County (Vegas) the laws are stricter due to the influx of people from Kalifornistan and New Yorkistan. Besides that, the rest of Nevada is still free America.
You can apply to the Sheriff of any county in Nevada, it doesn't have to be Clark (Las Vegas) or Washoe (Reno, Carson City). Apply to one of the rural counties, and you should get it pretty quick. At least, faster than Clark, which takes up to 120 days. Nevada is a shall issue state, so as long as you submit the proper paperwork (finger print card, certificate of training, picture, etc) it should go smoothly. Once you arrive, to apply for a resident permit, you will need to apply to the Sheriff of your county of residence. In Clark, be prepared to spend several hours at the Metro fingerprint office. They handle work permits for casino employees, strippers, as well as CCW.
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