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I typed all this up for a friend and added some picture links for the forum. I'm actually wondering if you guys can help me flush out the comparison a little bit.

I have recently been charged with the enviable task of comparing two excellent pistols chambered in the .45 ACP caliber. The first is the XD45ACP from Springfield Armory, and the second is the P220 from Sig Sauer, or Sigarms, or whatever you prefer to call them.


The question posed to me was which one is the better gun. Well I've done a little bit with the Sig and quite a bit with the XD45ACP despite the fact that it's relatively new to me, I've only had it a month or so but I've had three opportunities to shoot it in various ways and I've dryfired the devil out of it. It's only fair to warn the reader I personally am more proficient with the XD platform and will therefore be somewhat biased that way.

However the Sig is no slouch either. I purchased mine at a ridiculously low price from a pawnbroker who just could not get rid of it. You'll notice it looks pretty beat up. I originally bought it because I wanted to try .45 ACP in a full sized carry gun and I had foolishly convinced myself that the .45 GAP had assured there would never be an XD in .45 ACP. However, I have kept it. That should impress something on you right there: I could sell it off and my loss would be minimal, but I've decided not to despite my bias towards the other pistol.

I also feel it's fair to mention when I originally looked into the XD, I almost, almost, bought a Sig instead.

All that silliness aside, let's look at some objective data:

- 7.25 inches long
- 5.9 inches high (approximately)
- 1.5 inches thick (approximately)
- 4.04 inch bbl
- 30 ounces unloaded with magazine
- 10 or 13 round capacity magazines available

The Sig P220
- 7.8 inches long
- 5.6 inches high
- 1.4 inches thick
- 4.4 inch bbl
- 27.8 ounces unloaded
- 7 or 8 round capacity magazines available

I had to approximate on the XD a couple of measurements, but compared to the Sig it is a bit taller, basically the same thickness, and shorter.

Caliber: Both are chambered in .45 ACP of course, enough said.

Cost: Winner: XD

$550 should score you a new XD45ACP fresh from the factory. Your option to buy used is nonexistant at this point however. You can also get the XD45ACP cheaper sometimes as low as $500.

By comparison, a USED Sig 220 costs as much as a new XD. Why is honestly beyond me. I feel Sig prices are a touch unreasonable but still not as bad as some other guns.

However, some people will never be happy with a polymer pistol. If this is a defensive piece the material of the frame, so long as it has the structural strength to hold together under fire, should not be an issue. However if you're looking for more pride of ownership or you want a classic handgun, you may enjoy the 220 more. So while the XD may cost less, it may not be the best value for all buyers.

Size: Honestly about the same. The thickness and length are basically identical with regards to ease of concealment.

The only thing I will comment on here are their ergonomic advantages.

- Longer grip for my ham hands. I like the longer grip very much.
- "Feels" slimmer, and considering that the XD is a double stack .45, its thin grip is truly amazing. The only thing thinner is the 1911 or maybe a Kahr .45 and probably not by much.
- I have thick short fingers, so the slightly shorter overall length makes the XD even better.
-Controls are easier to work than the SIG's with exception of mag release.
-Personally, the best ergonomics.

-Shorter grip. For most people without ham hands, it's going to be plenty and I can wrap my fingers around it and find purchase with no difficulty.
- Fewer sharp angles. The XD doesn't have any sharp edges but it is blockier. The edges on the Sig are definitely rounded off better. This could be accomplished on an XD but only with custom gunsmithing. No useless front cocking serrations either.
- Better sight picture, by not by much.
- Easier to activate mag release.
- Grips are more easily changed.

The XD feels better to me personally, but the SIG is also comfortable. Both are far superior to many other guns I have handled and tried. Both have about the same grip angle, both point well (which is very important to me).

I will remark the triggers are completely different, night and day. Some people don't like the XD trigger. I've yet to put a scale to mine but I'd bet $1 it breaks at around 7 or 8 pounds, which is just fine by me. Truthfully my finger can't tell the difference between the Sig in double action and the XD's trigger.

It is worth remarking that the single action pull on the Sig is sweet and crisp. The XD cannot replicate this feat. However, I personally prefer a consistent trigger pull for a serious defensive handgun for familiarity and training purposes. Shooting at any kind of speed, I can't tell the XD trigger is much different or any harder to control.

A recent poster on commented that when he first got his Sig, he practiced every shot double action so that he didn't get spoiled. In that spirit I've begun to do the same thing. This is a good gun and I'd like to be able to use it to its utmost.

Both guns are inherently accurate. I have discovered my particular XD45ACP really likes Winchester however, and dislikes other brands. The Winchester products group much better. On the Sig I can't tell any sort of difference.

Both guns are rock solid reliable with no FTFs or FTEs or any other sort of failure. FWIW the Sig is second strike capable, the XD is not. I've had exactly one failure of any sort out of an XD pistol and it was because of ammunition, and it was cleared as quick as you blink by a malfunction drill. However most Sig owners will be quick to report similar experiences with reliability, and mine hasn't had a problem yet.

Neither gun recoils hard at all. They feel about the same to me.

Neither has a magazine disconnect safety. This is a plus in my book.

They're both very safe designs. The XD cannot fire unless the grip safety is depressed and the trigger is pulled simultaneously. I was at first nervous about the grip safety but no longer. In fact I have come around to appreciate the grip safety. The decocker design of the Sig is also quite safe and very easy to use: just flip a lever.

Neither of them feature an external safety or require the user to turn off an external safety, which is a huge plus in my book. Pull and fire operation is desirable for me personally.

Manuals of arms are fairly different, but both can be learned by training in dryfire. They share simple takedowns and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Quality is top notch for both. You can only do better by getting a custom made pistol. There are better guns but not many and I don't care to try to pay for them either.

Aftermarket support and magazines go to the Sig for now. It's almost March and spare magazines for the XD45ACP are not available on a wide scale yet. Sig mags are ludicrously expensive, but the Novak 8 round magazines appear to offer excellent quality at a reasonable price tag and are acquired easily enough. Holster support is probably better for the Sig, but so far I've found the XD40 and XD45ACP are close enough in size for holster cross compatiblity and many XD owners are reporting the same. The slides are the same width or pretty darn close to it so that makes all the difference.

At some point this year hopefully XD mags will be available. At that point I'll have to say the aftermarket support will still be better with the Sig but not by too much.

Both are excellent, both are worthwhile, and you can't have mine. I give the nod to the XD45ACP, however in a world where the XD45ACP didn't exist, the P220 would console me nicely.

Anybody care to add anything? Did I forget anything?

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Well I am biased of course. I have little or no doubt the XD is excellent and sure would like one but can say - I doubt thus far I will find anything that makes me happier than when shooting the 220.

I like its feel, its ''heft'' and the trigger is great - well, suits me anyways. Plus too I guess because not Glock oriented, as yet - and tho I like the XD grip safety - would consider my 220 better satisfies my own safety methods and likes.

BTW - great write-up analysis!


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I love the Sig and I love the XD.

I dont think you could go wrong with either one.

I carry the Sig220 on duty when Im a Deputy. As a result, Im going to think "out of the box "here...:image035:

If for some unforseen reason it became nescessary in the course of my dutys to defend mysef by slamming my pistol upside ones head, I think I would choose the Sig over the XD.

If I had to stick a pistol down the throat of a 150 pound Rottweiler that wanted me dead because I stepped onto his porch, I would choose the Sig.

If I had to break the window of a burning car with my pistol to jerk someone out of it, I would choose the Sig.

If I had to swim across a creek to apprehend someone, I would choose the XD.

If its over 90 degrees out and Im soaking wet with sweat and I'm gonna be that way the rest of the day...I'd go with the XD.

I wouldnt feel handicapped with either one...unless of course you were shooting a rifle at me...:aargh4:

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Good post. I wonder though if a person's preference leans more toward favoring a longer barrel length, or a longer grip length? .. Umm.. comparing these two, of course

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Excellent write-up Euc. Erudite as ever.

I have never fired the XD as I am one of those old folks mentioned in the other thread that just likes metal guns. I have fired on many occassions the Sig 220 and I like it for what it is.
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