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I've seen this before, and yes it's cool, but I'd never use this product on a real carry gun. Why?

It depends on moonclips. Moonclips are great if you're shooting bowling pins, but consider that every time one is used you have to extract and replace the brass. Over time they'll eventually warp. Do you want your cylinder to jam up mid cycle because of a bent moon clip?

While it's impressive to see how fast it reloads, it also turns reloading into an all or nothing affair. You either drop your whole cylinder and replace it all or nothing. There is no loading single rounds or only replacing spent rounds.

If they would make some moonclips that were 1/4" thick and couldn't bend unless you put them in a hydraulic press I might be convinced to try them. But as far as I am concerned they're only good for sport shooting.

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Looks good - and certainly tempting for PPC. Not tho for me for carry, tho I do think good quality moonclips have their place. My 625 can be reloaded pretty quick with moons.

This would seem to beat even Comp3 speedloaders - but for carry (because compact) I use Comp1's - and even they can be pretty fast with practice.

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When I Revolver Carry

I put my extra rounds in my pocket.
Very Antiquated system for reloading. :tongue:
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