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Quickie range report : Para-Ordnance 12.45 LDA

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I made it out to the range today about 1:30 PM. I was expecting a crowd, especially since its been crappy weather the past couple of days. I was surprised. Two other people. (a mom and deputy son):smile: .
I brought along a box of PMC 230 gr. hardballs for a trial run.
For those not in the know, this model I bought is like an officers model in 1911. Exceptions are... the double action trigger, spurless hammer, the double stack magazine, and you will notice that the grips are thicker (to accomadate the double stack). The gun is as handsome as its more famous cousin.
It has your thumb safety and grip safety. The grip safety has a full tang/extension that saves your soft skin between your thumb and forefinger, when the guns action cycles. Under the the grip safety you have a metal backstrap that firmly grips the palm without having to worry about slip. The sights are 3 dot with a rear drift for adjustment.
I load up on ammo. The magazine normally holds 10, but since its new, I could only fit 8 pieces comfortably. I figure when the mag spring breaks in, then it will hold 2 more. I want a 12 shot mag real bad. I set a target up at 25 feet. The slide is racked and one goes into the pipe. BOOM ! I didn't know what to expect due to being anxious.
Huh ? I didn't feel a big break-your-arm kick. Again and again the gun roars. Hey this is neat ! I'm in love ! My 10mm and my cousins 1911A has more kick. I have shot .40's that have sharper recoil.
I notice that with this gun, I aim at where I want to hit. Not the old hold your sights at your target six-o'clock. I am hitting in the bullseye and around it without much trouble. So easy to shoot ! I go thru 50 rounds real quick like, wishin' I still had a coupla hundred more. No FTF's nor FTE's. nothing ! Now, I can say I understand how these guns cost so much and why. Workmanship and technology, thats fer sure ! No regrets ... It'll be Sunday soon and time to do it again. I plan on putting at least 200 rounds thru her before I carry her with me. I gotta be sure on her performance ! :king:
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Sounds great Art - reassuring too.

Leaving aside trigger mechanism - I know well how much I enjoyed shooting my now gone P12-45 - SA. It always felt just great and recoil was certainly very easily absorbed.

Glad you like it - I know some folks are not LDA fans but then there are others who fall in love with just that.

As ever - never anough ammo! :wink:

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P95Carry said:
Sounds great Art - reassuring too.
Thanx Chris... coming from you, thats a compliment.
I do try to be descriptive.
Ammo ? Monday morn comes, its about 60 miles to Ga. arms ammo... :image035:

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When I first got my 1911, I was amazed at how easy it was to tear out the X ring on targets. It just feels like an extension of my hand. Glad you like yours so well too.
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