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Hard to know where to put this -

Anyways - step-son was ''interviewed'' last night quite late in evening by two state cops. He is AFAIK himself innocent of anything bad but - as we all know, association with the wrong folks ain't good - enough in fact to produce problems. Silly boy.

Without going into details suffice it to say that hopefully he has had the crap scared out of him.! His cousin is a no good punk who is into drugs and theft - may not be too long before he goes down, which we hope will occur actually to take him out of circulation. He is beyond hope from my perspective.

Anyways - today while - shall we say - I was ''in flagrente'' with Mrs P95 (don't laugh!) - we hear voices out back.

Darned if she doesn't reach under bed for her purse and scramble into some clothes to go look outside.... thus equipped with snub! Bless her. I was quickly dressed and behind the scenes. Proud of her I was - what a gal!

Just happens it was her Aunt - wanting to chat about the youngsters and all their tomfoolery.! Situation defuzed!

Anyways - we are in a sorta increased state of alert, as one or two local players are rather heavy in the drugs scene and in case they happen to be thinking of messing with us - we are cranked up a bit with awareness right now.

Main addition is - I shall, when locking up office, be taking Mr 870 to bed for the night - and he will reside under the edge of bed until morning time. A refresh course was applied for Mrs P95 so she is aux fait with the blunderbuss.

May seem paranoid but hey - we ain't gonna take no crap if anyone comes round lookin' for trouble! :wink:

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Fortunately I don't have problems with my relatives or kids (there too young anyways).

Stay alert and safe Chris.
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