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Random thought OTD - unarmed canine LEOs similar to unarmed citizens

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Without the Second Amendment, we citizens are no more than dogs. I just read a story about a police canine in Harrisonburg PA that was shot in the neck while attempting to apprehend a suspect. If dogs think such thoughts, I'm sure he's wondering why he wasn't allowed his own gun. The bad man shot him with a gun and the human police officer has a gun, so why not the dog? Sure he has teeth and a vicious bark and growl, and they have worked well many times to frighten suspects, but this time the absolute superiority of the gun was demonstrated to him. If only the dog had been armed, he could have responded effectively against the suspect. Or perhaps the dog would wonder why he must go after armed bad men, when he would much rather be chasing sheep, or butterflies, or be playing with other dogs and children. Chasing bad guys is, after all, very dangerous business. But this is the life that has been chosen for him, so therefore he must obey. Politicians who would disarm or under-arm citizens would have us all be their dogs; restrained servants who must bend to the master's will.
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That's about the long and short of it. :yup:

Attempting to convert citizens into subjects, one small step at a time. Coming to a legislature near you.
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Because they have a hard time thumbing the hammer back.
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