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Range action tonight

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Got my new Derringer today (used) I'll post pics tomorrow as I don't know what make it is-German I thinkg. My daughter and I went to the range tonight with my buddy and his wife. We had a blast (literally) my daughter fell completely in love with the Derringer and wants one for herself. She is now talking about getting her CCW when she turns 18, about 6 months. She loves to shoot my P85 but got to shot a 38 special, 357 magnum, Glock 27 and a double action 22 of which she called a cowboy gun.

We really had a blast and she shot about 100 rounds of 9mm and about 50 rds 22lr and said she wanted to shoot more. It was a special bonding experience for sure..... I love that girl. She fell in love with the snu nose 38 so I think I know what I'm getting her for her 18th BDAY. Anyways can't discuss this stuff with the wife so you guys get to hear about it. Thanks for listening..........
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Not only a great range trip but that bonding experience too - many of us know that for ourselves and I for one have some fond memories because of it.
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