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Last weekend I went to the range and shot the Browning Hi-Power and Glock 19 pictured here:

I shot several hundred rounds of Winchester FMJ 115 gr. "target" ammo. I had three magazines for the Glock and two magazines for the Browning, all of which were loaded with nine rounds each for each bout of shooting.

I am always surprised by just how bright the muzzle blast from the Glock is. I did not notice such an orange plume when firing the Browning but have always noticed it shooting the Glock.

I like the sight picture on the G19 better than the slimmer, more elongated sights on the Browning. The G19 has Trijicon night sights installed.

The Browning proved to be a fun gun to shoot, but my ham hands are not perfectly suited to it. The hammer can, if I choke up too much, "bite" the web of my hand. It wasn't a big problem, but it happened once. You can see why:

Shooting went well and I did okay. My groups with the Glock were consistently tighter than those with the Browning, interestingly. The Browning had a tendency to give me fliers and shot low and to the left. It is a "Practical" model and thus has fixed sights.

All in all, a fun session. I even managed to leave with almost enough ammo to refill my magazines before throwing away the bulk Winchester cartons.


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Great report. Have been considering crossing over to the Dark Side and getting on of those Austrian Plastic Pistols to complement my Walther P99.

Don't get too uptight, Bruce. My 1911s will never go away.

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Nice report Phil and great pics.

I love my BHP Practical and luckily never have had any bite - and also find it very accurate indeed. The - I think - Uncle Mikes grips on mine make it feel very good and less slim. Or are they Butler Creek, I'd have to check.

I did shoot recently an out the box G17 and was almost amazed at how well it shot - for me I think comparing the two it would be about equal. Not compared with 19 tho so with just a slightly shorter barrel (I assume) maybe not much difference again. Wonder if that barrel length is enough to enhance muzzle flash.

Here's my BHP - looks same as yours, except probably for the grips.

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