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I've been a Ruger Double Action revolver fan for over 25 years.
Well before my police career, I was checking out the red and yellow boxes at
the local shop each weekend.

In the past 5 years, I've owned 4 of the popular SP-101 in both 38+P
and .357 Magnum, but always found them too heavy for carry.

Holster have also went through an evolution.
Times have changed- and the holsters and other accessories have improved greatly
from those days when makers like Bianchi, ruled the roost!

Another innovation that has greatly improved the Ruger DA revolver is the Crimson
Trace laser grip.

From the large and bulky tubes of yester-year to the bolt on trigger guard designs.
of other companies.

CT is state-of-the-art technology for laser accessories in this new
age of gun gear.

Quite some years ago..I would've never thought that people would be putting lasers on their guns!

Nor, would I have ventured that Ruger (or anyone else for that matter) would offer a polymer framed
So, I wanted to take the ground-breaking new LCR from Ruger.

Add some CT grips and a holster or two from the company known as High Noon Holsters.

The basic concept of the Snubby as a backup or second gun give me an option to carry it as such or in
some cases, as my primary arm.

Loaded with Glaser Safety Slugs or the Hornady 115 grain FTX flex tip ammuntion.
I think it is a good combo of ease of carry and power in a small package.

The stock Hogue "tamer" grips feature some sort of plastic gel in the back-strap to aid in recoil control.
These fit my hand well, but like some other rubber grips out there, hang up on my concealment clothing.

Looking at the the Crimson Trace LG-411 laser grip for the Ruger LCR.

The grips are smaller and thinner, but don't catch on my cover garment as much.

Installation was very easy. Because of my previous experience with CT products on my CZ pistols.

It took me about 3 minutes to install the 2 batteries and put on the Laser Grip.

Knowing that the factory unit is sighted in @50 feet. I was able to make adjustment to the Elevation
with the supplied wrench, to bring the dot to where it should be. That is directly above the front sight,
if I was to read the supplied instructions right.

Windage seemed to be set perfectly from the factory, and I was set to go forth into the night with my
new Laser Grip equipped Ruger LCR.

My friend from Oregon, was due to visit that next weekend but like many others, he came down with the


Loading up with 5 of the Hornady 110 grain FTX . 38 special load.

I then ran the target out to the 7 yard line.

My initial shots and resulting group were interesting.

The gun had some rather brisk recoil and medium muzzle blast, but not much flash.

I placed my shots low and left with a lone flyer.

Nancy didn't seem to capture the laser in the photos, but it did greatly aid in my shooting.

Running the target out to 15 yards, and loading up with some +P hand loads, which were mostly 158 grain SPEER JHPs.

The testing proved interesting.

It was a question of trigger control with the rather long but smooth DAO trigger.

Using it as a two-stage trigger, my shooting improved.

The laser grip was very precise when I concentrated on my trigger pull.

My semi-large hands and long fingers made the skinny grip a bit hard maintain
a proper hold to activate the laser but I adapted quickly.

(note: This is something that 99% of the laser grip owners will probably not have any issues
with and shouldn't reflect badly on the Crimson Trace's performance in any way)

I then halted the shooting, and made some slight adjustments to the laser with the supplied wrench.

I little bit lower on the elevation but not by much. Also a bit right for the windage.

My groups got tighter, and when I tried to just shoot with the fixed sights, I could hardly see them!

After firing 35 rounds. I checked the gun for any signs of cracks or flame-cutting of the top-strap.

Seeing no damage, I sent a few more round down range before deciding to switch to my
Crimson Trace equipped CZ P-01.

My firing hand wasn't hurting, and there was a big smile under my CZ Bryon cap.

The gun had performed well, and I was very satisfied that the CT laser grip was a good addition to
the LCR.

I then loaded up with 5 more Hornady FTX rounds, and re-holstered into my HIGH NOON Topless holster.
(An excellent way to carry your LCR and allows for full seating of the gun when equipped with
the CT laser grip)


At that time my wife informed me that her camera had ran out of memory a while back.

(I'd really had hoped that there were some good lasering pics, but it turned out that only a few made it through)

My plan was to take pics of the CT equipped LCR in action, then finish with the P-01.

So, that in mind.

I drew the P-01 from my High Noon shoulder rig, and proceeded to vaporize the 25 yard target with a mix of
9mm rounds.

Using old Olympic ball ammo and Remington +P+. There was a real difference in muzzle flash and recoil, but like
the LCR-the CZ asked for more.

The end result with the CT equipped P-01 and laser grip sighting was a nice target with a big cluster of holes
dead-center but a bit low.

I usually shoot low at this indoor range, so that's not a real surprise to me.

In comparison.

I have to say that the Crimson Trace equipped guns worked like a charm.

Especially the case of the LCR. Again, I could hardly see the tiny fixed black sights in the dim lighting of the Range, but
had no such problem in seeing that red dot!

One could see the real advantage of the laser grip in a dark scenario where sight acquisition (like this)
would be very hard.

Should anyone with more information on the Crimson Trace product line, or want to see the laser grips in action.

CT puts out an excellent video that is FREE to all that ask for it.

The LG 411 and likewise, LG 476 are Safe, Ultra-Fast and Precise!

You can't ask for more than that- in what could be a life saving accessory for your firearm!

My Thanks, to Patrick at Crimson Trace and Michael at High Noon Holsters!

More Information:

LG-411 Lasergrips for Ruger LCR :: Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace Laser Grip LG-476

FREE DVD: Laser Sight Equipped Gun Shooting Video | Crimson Trace Laser Grips

HIGH NOON: Product Line
HN REVIEW LCR: High Noon Holster Review- RUGER LCR

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Sounds like you had a great experience with the CT. You should post some of your impressions in this thread on lasers.

I had a very similar experience to yours. I have a Kahr PM9 and installed the LaserGuard. It took me a few rounds to correct some bad habits I picked up through the years, but I almost immediately started shooting more accurately than I have ever shot before. My groupings at 25' and 50' feet were extremely tight. The other big plus was that I was able to see exactly where I was aiming during the entire trigger pull.

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Sounds like you enjoyed shooting your LCR CTC.

I just shot my LCR CTC for the first time today as well and was really happy with the results. Only difference was it was outside and 38 degrees outside so I was pretty cold and shaking a!

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Very nice write-up...I've been thinking about the LCR a lot lately...maybe I'll pick one up for Christmas....

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I'm not a CT fan, but a great report and 'food for thought'...:yup::hand10:...nice shooting. by the way!:yup:

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Nice write up. Thanks!
I got to shoot two wheels worth through an LCR recently, and I really liked the gun, even WITH my big hands and the crisp recoil.

Wear it in good health!
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