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Range Report USP 45

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Okay, it was a BEAUTIFUL day in the Florida Everglades. Cool, windy and bright. So all of us Floridians were shivering in the 55 degree temps and so cover garments were not an issue! I used both a tan field jacket and a light down vest.

The USP was awesome. Easily the most accurate 45 I've ever fired right out of the box. Soft kicker and easy to draw. I've got some pics.
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There are a bunch of pics in my members gallery here on the site.
Very nice shooters. I got to shoot one a few weeks back that had a foot long suppressor on the front. Right after I shot the MP5 and the HK93, both full auto of course.

One of the guys I work with is legal to own full auto and suppressed weapons, and man does he have some nice toys. It's pretty cool to get to shoot an $18,000 gun.

OK, back to the .45, it shot very well, but the really spooky thing was not hearing it. All you could hear was the bullet hitting the plywood.
Ex, glad to hear ya like your USP. Mine has been a long time companion on many camp trips, as well as daily carry.
I recently sold my USPc45 to purchase an Ultra Carry (I). The HK ate anything I fed it. It was the most accurate, out of the box handgun I had ever owned. POA to POI was dead on at 21ft.

The only problem (with me at least) was the concealability of the firearm. Just a tad to bulky for my typical daily attire. I'm hoping the reliability of my newly acquired Ultra will be just as good as the HK bestowed. I know she'll be a little easier to CC.

Here's a pic of the 45c w/ MR 5JR.....and the accuracy it had at 21ft. BTW,...that's 9 holes :)

Congrats on your purchase. Soon you'll want a Tac!! :)
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I have yet to properly sample the USP Ex but would pretty much expect an experience similar to SIG shooting - satisfaction :smile:

Glad you enjoy yours.
I'm not surprised... after I got to handle one some time ago I was impressed. It seemed like an excellent gun, I just didn't like the >$1000 price tag the owner quoted me! Yikes!
ExSoldier762 said:
The USP was awesome.
indeed. my USP 45 is one fine weapon.

Easily the most accurate 45 I've ever fired right out of the box.
have you ever fired a decent 1911? i have no complaints about the accuracy of my USP....its certainly very accurate at any reasonable range, but its nowhere near as tight as my 1911s. course, its not designed to be either.

Soft kicker
definately. HK did an amazing job on their recoil reduction system (dual buffer springs). even hot corbon +P 230 grain rounds are very smooth shooters in a USP. their system is so effective that it can even handle .45 super (.45 magnum) shells out of the box with no other modifications required.
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