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I finally got out to the range yesterday after a weeks vacation at the shore and several days of rain. I needed to run a few boxes of 9mm rounds through my two guns, plus I had just bought a Heritage Rough Rider .22/.22mag just for plinking and had not fired it yet. While I was there another gun club member came onto the range with his Sig. We got to talking and I asked him if he wanted to shoot my PF9. He said OK and fired about three rounds and stopped. I asked him if he had a FTF because he was kind of pointing the gun down. He replied, no it hurts my hand and handed it back to me. It is a nasty range gun, but I have to break it in.

By the way The Rough Rider is a sweet gun to shoot. Very accurate and has the recoil of a toy cap gun. Just the opposite of the PF9. My other pistol is a Hi point C9 I use for home defense because it is to awkward and heavy for EDC, but it is very accurate and practically indestructible.
I asked the guy if he wanted to shoot the C9 and he declined. I don't think he wanted to like it.
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