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Ratings on Stansport Emergency Sleeping Bags?

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Does anyone here have any opinions on the Stansport Emergency/Survival "Sleeping" Bags like these:

Stansport Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag - FOUR BAGS! - eBay (item 160384124772 end time Jan-03-10 00:36:30 PST)

I've used emergency blankets, but not bags, and the bags are much more effective. These would not replace any other pieces of emergency gear, but would supplement the BOB stuff.

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I haven't bought Stansport bags, but this is a really good price for four of them....I would be tempted to go for it, check it out closely.l
These work

These things work! I used one when i atteneded a military survival school. They work much better then the blankets.
There's one for every member of my family in each of my vehicles. I've never tried one, but have heard enough about them from others to know they are better than the blanket.

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