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MARCH 18TH AND 19TH 2006

ATLANTA, GEORGIA AREA (exact location to be determined)


March 18-19 (Sat. and Sun.)
Day 1:

Handling Strangers
Combative blows and the "Cowcatcher"
Escapes from grabs/holds
Nasty Ground fighting
Introduction to Adrenal Stress Scenarios

Day 2:

Unarmed vs. Knife
Unarmed vs. Handgun
In-Fight weapons access
Adrenal Stress Scenarios Part 2

Each segment will allow participants to engage in full-contact fights against armored opponent's).

Syllabus subject to modification depending on time constraints on each day. Segments may be shifted to fit allotted time.

Students will gain an understanding of their individual strengths, and how to exploit them in unscripted confrontations. You will leave the class knowing exactly what effective blows YOU can deliver in various positions, and how to best set yourself up for those blows. You will receive a foundation in unarmed defense against weapons, and have the opportunity to use full-force blows to the opponent during those defenses.

Most importantly, you will gain a valuable understanding of how you react to the stress of a sudden, violent encounter. You will learn to manage this stress, and use your adrenaline to your advantage.

Lee Aldridge is one of a handful of private individuals authorized to employ the Bulletman Suit in training and Adrenal Stress applications. This is a rare opportunity to receive this unique training!

COST IS $200.00 FOR ONE DAY OR $350.00 FOR BOTH!!!!

CONTACT LEE ALDRIDGE AT [email protected]

For those interested in a unique learning experience and a chance to jumpstart your unarmed skills, Lee is a phenomenal resource.

For some idea of what he is teaching, you may want to check out his TIPS {Techniques in Photo Sequences} subforum on TPI.

I am really looking forward to this class.:danceban:
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