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Re-post: S&W Shield 9mm 429.99 @ Kittery Trading Post

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CLASS3NH posted the below on March 29th.... All the below have been sold ..

Good news is they received another shipment of 127 9mm shields( Act soon is you are looking for one)
Kittery Trading Post

Or call 1-800-872-4867
Order Info
M&P SHIELD 9MM LUG Smith & Wesson
UPC: 022188147216
Catalog# 180021
Original Post by CLASS3NH....
I wanted to share this with my Forum friends. As you know I work at a very large Gun Shop on the east Coast. Today, we got a shipment of 150 S&W 9mm Shields, we satisfied all our special orders and we're left with 81 for the shelves. I know a lot of you have been on waiting lists for a long time, and have had to pay more money in the range of 450.00 and upwards, so I thought I'd share it with you.
price is 429.99 so if you want one, be quick, cuz they will go fast. 1-800-USA-GUNS
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