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Read Me First: Important Posting Information

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Well, I hate to be a "killjoy" be we are getting an increasing number of posts that are not posted in the proper forum. Many of you have complained that these off topic posts are cluttering up the forums and dragging the focus off topic. For us to move off topic posts to another thread is a 5 step process that is very prone to errors and is taking much too much time to keep straight. I know this is going to get some of you upset but I am going to go through each of the topics (in each thread) and delete "off topic" posts that add nothing to the topic being discussed. I'm only going to do this once and then will delete them daily as I find them. If any of you find anything out of place, please let me know.

Please take the time to insure that your post is on topic and, if not, post it in the appropriate place. If you have something you want to post, but cannot decide where to put it, shoot me a U2U and I will help you decide. Everything is safe from being deleted in the off topic fourms, but they may be moved to an on topic forum if need be.

I apologize if any of you feel this is too strict or think that I am being anal retentive but we have had too many cases of off topic posts killing otherwise good threads. :exclaim: