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USPS dropped the package off in the mail today. Thought I would do a quickie review on my initial impressions.

A little background:

Nitecore D10 is a EDC LED light that runs on a single AA with max output of 145 lumens. It has a microprocessor that allows one to toggle throug different modes and outputs with the unique piston style not-so-clicky switch.

The "old" D10 had 10 different brightness modes. I am not sure if this model is still manufactured; they were out of stock on every website I looked at.

The version I picked up is the nitecore D10 SP R2. It is essentially the same flashlight with a different microprocessor. The SP allows toggle through only 3 brightness settings, SOS, Strobe, and has a lock out mode to prevent accidental activation.

Initial impressions:

Very compact and lightweight. Lots of knurling for a secure grasp. Quality is very impressive with seemingly tight tolerances. Does not ship with a battery---I quickly stole one from the remote control (a benefit of AA over CR123A's and other specialty batteries).

The light is BRIGHT...couldn't believe the throw on this little thing. Also had a nice sized hotspot. The 3 vs. 10 modes of brightness is a pro in my opinion....I don't need THAT much variability in my EDC light source; low, medium, and high is fine by me....especially for the trade off for strobe and SOS. The stobe is cool, easily accessable, and definately disorienting as evidenced by my test against a mirror in a dimly lit room; headache, poor vision, and seeing spots ensued :aargh4:. The SOS is there if I ever need it.

The light comes with a lanyard, however the clip is sold seperatly. I bought one and would recommend it for carry....keeps the light from rolling around in the pocket.

The D10 SP R2 is also sold out a lot of places. I found mine on batteryjunction. Shipped in 2 days with clip for $67 (use code HOLIDAY09 when checking out to save 7%).

This is a very capable and affordable EDC light and serves well I believe for utility and defensive purposes alike.

Here is the link:

Nitecore D10 SP LED Flashlight Smart PD Piston Drive, R2 Edition, 145 Lumens 1 X AA

Also there are some reviews on youtube about this light.


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