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Recently Moved From NJ - Please Rate My Collection

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Been in the United States (from NJ) for almost 2 years now. How am I doing so far? Anything missing?:
- NAA .32 ACP Guardian - Hedley Rear Pocket Holster
- Kahr PM9 - Andrews Front Pocket and HBE Tuckable IWB Holsters
- Glock 19 - Andrews McDaniels II Holster
- Ruger SP101 - Mernickle SOB Holster
- CZ PCR - still trying to figure out the best way to carry it (or not)
- S&W 586/6" - probably not gonna carry it
- Nighthawk Enforcer/5" 1911 - Alessi PCH Holster
Rifles: Armalite AR Carbine - With All The UnDemocrat Features
Browning .22LR Lever Action with Octagon Barrel - Nice One
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Maybe a .22LR pistol?

Very nice collection (holsters too)!

...oh and welcome to the forum.
Welcome to Free America, looks like you have a lot of fun enjoying Freedom, keep up the good work!!
AL&S - Hi!!

You have enough ''inventory'' (for now) for us to let you in - but there is room for improvement, of course :wink:
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Hello, welcome to the forum! Nope, can't rate your collection till we test it out!!! :)
Nice collection, and welcome! That Browning rifle sounds special - old?

Maybe add a HD shotgun? Just my .02. Welcome again!
Rock and Glock said:
Nice collection, and welcome! That Browning rifle sounds special - old?

Maybe add a HD shotgun? Just my .02. Welcome again!
nice collection of weapons. welcome.
Welcome - :smile:
I don't see a SIG or a Colt in there.
You need to spend some more $$$ :image035:
Air,Land&Sea - Howday & Welcome; Not a bad collection..; still - "May lack a few items, but that's O.K..!" :image035:
Welcome frome Kansas City. For a proper inspection we will need pictures !!! and you may need to ship some of the weapons to various members for a test shoot for full membership ;)
Welcome looks like a nice collection there. A good shotgun would be a nice addition. How do you like the pcr i have one also a great gun. I carry it in the fall winter weather in a don hume sscd rig. And carry a springfield xdsc 9mm in a don hume iwb holster for summer. Again welcome to the club.
Welcome to the forum. As to the collection I must have missed the PICTURES !! :rolleyes: (Congrats on your successful escape.)
I'll post some pics later on. The CZ PCR is a modern marvel of ergonomics. I put it in the same category as Sig, kind of, but with a better feel. Fit and finish is maybe a notch below that of Sigs, but is more than offset with the feel. Since I'm not sure if I'm going to carry it I wonder if I should have gotten the steel version. Also, I've got a good belt so I'm not sure if it matters anyway. Can anyone give any comparison between the PCR/P-01 and the steel one?
I think I need an HD shotgun and am torn between a coach gun or a pump. A Browning Buckmark probably needs to happen. And maybe some sort of extreme handgun with some sort of highly obnoxious round. Then, a .308 bolt/scope and a few more knives.:aargh4:
Welcome from Tennessee
Welcome from Alabama.
Welcome from Arkansas.:wave:

Looks like all you need are a couple of AR-15's, maybe an AK and at least one tricked out shotgun...8 round tube with maybe a 6 round sidesaddle on it. A suppressed rifle would be great for special occasions.

Also, you need a few thousand hollowpoints for each...:image035:
welcome from the Texas Panhandle :tumbleweed:
and nice collection, I'd say add a shotgun and an AK/SKS, but then are collections ever complete?
I know mine isn't :image035:
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