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Recommended IWB holster for a Glock 21?

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I'm looking for an IWB rig for my Glock 21 and need something thin and preferably in leather. I carry in the appendix or "2 O'clock position if this helps thanks for any advice.

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I carried a G-21 in uniform for five years and loved it.

I tried carrying it AIWB off duty however I found it to be to dang heavy for my skinny butt and got a G-36, put it in a High Noon Public Secret holster and never looked back.

Inside The Waistband

That said if you do want to carry the G-21 High Noon can hook you up very well.


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I carry a G22 CC in a SHTF Gear Ace-1.
Dale Fricke Holsters makes purpose-designed appendix carry holsters.

They are all I use, FWIW.
I carry my Glock 21 in a Comp-tac minotaur it hide just fine.
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