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Today I found something in my father's things that made me get choked up. I thought it was lost forever.

This isn't the exact gun but mine is exactly like this one. This is a Rossi Model 971. This was a Rossi product made when they were imported by Interarms, pre Taurus days.

This is the very first handgun I ever shot and for a long time the only one I shot on a regular basis.

If you ever see one of these just laying around and you like bargain guns, scoop it up. You don't get what you pay for, you get something much better.

The gun is a clone of a S&W K frame. Anyone who knows the history of Rossi should not be surprised.

The barrel sports a full underlug, the bluing is nicer than I've seen on guns that cost over twice as much, the grips work exceptionally well, and the overall fit and finish is on par with your better revolvers. Also, it is pinned and recessed.

This is a very nice gun because it's sleek and slender with clean lines and no sharp edges besides the square butt. I've shot so many rounds through it I have no idea how many to tell you and it keeps on ticking. It handles powerful magnum loads just as well as the operator can, yet it's much easier to carry and handle than an L frame. (FWIW I think the L frame shoots better but that's beside the point.)

I have seen many used S&W K frames that were shot loose. This one is as tight as it ever was. The trigger is quite impressive, almost delectable.

They say you never forget your first... and they're right.

There are certain guns I will buy on sight come hell or high water and this model Rossi is one of them, because it's way too nice quality wise and feature wise for what it would be worth to a seller. If it was a Smith and Wesson it'd be worth over twice as much.

(P.S. Ancient Texan secret: It pretty much is a Smith and Wesson...)

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I can understand the implicit value Euc - that's for sure.

It is a fine looking revo and I had always heard that the real old Rossi's were in fact very good and well made guns. Glad you have this and it will no doubt be with you for the duration.
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