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Reflex Red Dot vs Scope

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I just purchased my first "Sporting Rifle" a Stag 15. Which sight is best for general self defense?

Lets Be Careful Out There!
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I like variable power telescopic sights. You can leave them on low power for close-in work (most likely scenario), but you can dial up the magnification for longer distance.

Another benefit is that the magnification makes it easier to identify whether someone is actually a threat, even at close range, in poor lighting. For example, you had best be sure what you thought was a handgun is not actually a cell phone - before you pull the trigger.

There was an article in a police journal about just this issue I saw a while back - magnified optics on patrol rifles. They ran tests and the magnified optics had some clear advantages.

I know red dots are all the rage now. I'll take the more traditional scope.
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