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Reflex Red Dot vs Scope

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I just purchased my first "Sporting Rifle" a Stag 15. Which sight is best for general self defense?

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For typical self defense, I think a red dot is optimal. Most self defense, even with a rifle, will be well within range where you need no magnification, especially if this is a home defense rifle. If you want magnification, it adds weight, but a 3x or 4x magnifier in a flip-to-side mount is a great option. I get a 4x magnifier handy in a flip-to-side mount, but I generally don't keep it mounted to the rifle as it adds weight. I usually only use it to zero.

I like scopes for precision rifles. For defensive rifles, I prefer a non-magnified optic. Shooting both eyes open is very easy and preferred.

I like Aimpoint's, mainly for their battery life. Primary Arms make very nice clones, and the Bushnell TRS-25 is a great affordable option. Eotech's are nice. I used to prefer Eotech's..... until I used an Aimpoint.
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