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Reloaded Ammo in Court Case

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Well ayoob has finally put out a article where Reloaded ammo turned up in a court case not in a defensive setting but in a homicide or suicide case.

In American handgunner i think it was ill have to find it later...

Short version

Guy reloaded some ammo for wife to shoot in 686 he claims she shot herself as he grabbed gun ..

Cops took some factory loaded ammo and the reloads he made when they did the testing for the first case they tested fullpower rounds.

SO the powder spray and ballistics didn't match the super light loads that were in the gun etc etc... was a interesting read main reason it made the article was they guy had left these in gun for HD..

The Guy was convicted first time around and while it got cleared up he cant own guns as a convicted felon

So not in a actual defensive shooting
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More a case it seems thus far of inconcistency of ammo characteristics and maybe the ''story'' too.

Be interested to read more details eventually.
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