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i was just wondering how many people here reload their own ammo, and what calibers they reload most often?
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.45 ACP, .45LC, .380, .38spl, .357mag, .44mag, 16ga, 12ga but mostly the ACP love that dillon!
I'm set up for, and reload for 13 different cals. Also for 12 and 20ga. To me reloading is a hobby. I have a dedicated room for it. It is a rather big bedroom. I have all my hunting and shooting stuff in their also. All my weapons are kept in that room in 3 rather large Browning Pro Steel safes. I like what reloading my own ammo does for the choices of bullets and power(either high or low) of the ammo. I heard long ago that when you reload your own ammo you really don't save any money cuz you shoot alot more. I believe this to be true. Of course the more you shoot the better you become. So it comes back to you. For certin applications you can do so much more with handloads. ie,I load a 200gr Sierra BTHP for my wifes .30-30 Ackley Improved. (T/C Contender)For your single shot guns(NEF,T/C,Ruger #1&3,and some of the others)you can seat the bullets way out to engauge the lands for better accuracy. Also for some of the weapons that have the super strong actions(Mauser,Ruger falling blocks,some of the Browning Hi-Walls,etc.)you can really boost the power of the loaded round. I have a Ruger#1H in .458,that I'm shooting a 400gr Barnes 200fps faster than any loading manual will tell you can be done. A single shot .45-70 (Ruger)has huge potential as a large, dangerous game weapon,properly loaded. As long as you can handle the recoil the weapon will handle the powder charge. IMO those that don't reload are missing a big part of shooting.-------
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45 ACP/Colt, .38spl/357mag, .22 Hornet/K-Hornet, 30WCF, 30/06, 45/70 Gov't.
.45ACP, .38sp, .357mag, .44mag, .223, .260Rem, .300 Win Mag.

I have a Dillon 650 I use for my high volume stuff like the .45ACP and the .223.

Occasionally set up the Dillon for the .38 and .357.

I load all my .44mag single stage because I use a lot of different loads and bullets. Usually only load 50 or 100 rounds of the .44 at a time so I have not bothered to set the Dillon for it.

For my larger rifle ammo I load that on a Forster Coax press.
Reloader here - reporting for dooty! :smile:

Long time at it but am ''stuck'' with my old Lee set-up, to which I have added bits - plus Hornady Powder measure, RCBS Lubrisizer and numerous other bitz and pieces.

Too late in day for me to change really and - don't load so much now for some cals like 9mm cos factory stuff is good price. I also shoot a bit less than once and so really - no real prob loading the slow way. Would like a Dylan but - guess I'll soldier on now with what I have and am used to.

Total cals covered - potential -

9mm, .380, 9mm Mak, 38, 357 mag, 44 mag, 45acp, 45 LC, .454 Casull, 45-70,

.303 Brit, .308, .223, 243,

I still cast bullets too - mainly 429, 452, 458 and .357. Some cast rifle too for experiment. Indeed, to realize full potential for some cals - gotta reload - with RSSZ here re loads for #1 :smile:

I posted on another thread this pic of my load area - last year approx and now even more chaotic!

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P95 !!! Heat AND A/C?---Showoff!
Nat ..... Haha - forgot they showed!

This is actually the rear part of my office, opposite the computers - which does mean it is wicked tempting to stop work and go and ''load a few" sometimes :rolleyes: :wink:

This is tho a shed (basic pre-built), albeit a big one, 32 x 14 - there is another half just as large where I build model planes and do gun cleaning etc. Despite adding a huge lot when I got it - like proper ceiling, lots of insulation - it is a problem re temp control. Hot summer days and humidity need A/C - one in other half too as well! Then in winter - have to have some heat so propane wall heaters with balanced flu's.

Cost me arm and leg to set it all up but worth it - apart from energy costs.!
I have two Dillons, a Square Deal B (SDB) and 550B. The SDB are set up for 9mm and 10mm. The 550B is set up for 5.56, 357 SIG and .45 ACP; however I'm debating getting a die set for 10mm and adjust my SDB dies for .40 S&W and keep it that way. I need .357 Mag/.38 Spl dies.

I also have a Lee Turret Press with 9mm, 10mm/.40 S&W and (believe it or not) .41 Action Express (got it in anticipation of getting a barrel for my BHP...never did and the round went the way of the dodo).
i've gotta get a bigger place. no room for reloading now. i'm tornado/hurricane bait trailer trash right now. maybe eventually i'll get the room. i was asking because i gotta clean out the ammo storage and i know there's brass in there. when i get it sorted and counted i'll post it here and see who wants what. i don't want to start a major conflict here, but the brass will be free. whoever takes what can pay me back shipping or not, it doesn't really matter. just don't want to throw it away if somebody can use it.
Depending on the scale and what you want reload the equiptment does not take a entire room or the basement. Midway sells a portable reloading bench that I have heard works very well. A bench like this and one of the reloading kits that RCBS or some other companies sell that includes everything you need to load would set you up in a pretty small area.
.40 and 30-06. Will have to look into .45 ACP now.
I have both an RCBS Rockchucker that I load 6.5X55 Mauser, .308 and 7m/m mag on. I have a Dillon 650 that I load .38, .357, .45ACP, 9m/m, .223.
Never got into shotshell reloading.
I reload and cast.

Currently I reload for :
9MM 10MM .38/.357 45LC .44spec./.44M .45ACP .40/10mm .357SIG
.223 .30-06 .308 .300Win .300 Whtby .300 Whisper 7.62x39 .444 and .50 BMG

Im not complete though...I need to get some dies for:
8mm 7.62x54r 6.5x55 7.5x 55 .303

I cast all of the pistol calibers and some rifle.Most of my stuff is Dillon and RCBS and the rest is homade.

All of that stuff is in a 36x24 shop.
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I reload for 45 ACP, 44 Mag, 44/40, 45LC, 10MM, 40S&W, 357 Mag, 357 Sig, 9MM in pistol and 444 Marlin, 30/06, 7MM STW, 25/06, 243 WSSM, 243 Win, 223, 22 Hornet in Rifle. but not all at the same time. :smile:
Chris, your setup looks great. I use a room off my shop/garage, 2 Lyman 5 station turret press', 1 single stage, and 1 Lee hand press for decapping. Find this is about the most relaxation I get. I do have heat but A/C is on my wish list.Warm weather here is 100-114* so I use an old refridgerator set at 60* to store my powder and primers
ok here goes. i don't want to start a war but we have once fired not cleaned brass to get rid of. first come first serve. it is free. according to the time on your pm's is what we will go by to determine who gets what. if you want to return shipping that is up to you. if not don't worry about it. this is mostly wwb and umc. 1050 rounds of 9mm, 220 rounds of 223, 248 rounds of 44, 450 rounds of 45, 550 rounds of 380, 150 rounds of 38. that's it for now. until we go back to the range. we will pm the winners to get your address.
9MM, 38Super/9X23, 40S&W, 45ACP/Colt, 44Mag/Special, 38Special& 357 Mag, 32Mag, 454, 12ga, 20ga.

22 Cheeta, 30 Whisper, 308 both super and sub sonic, 9.3X74, 375/338 Wildcat, 450 Alaskan, 450 Ruger, and likely a few more I forgot.
the 45 is gone. i still have the 9mm, 223, 44, 380, and 38.
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