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I'm set up for, and reload for 13 different cals. Also for 12 and 20ga. To me reloading is a hobby. I have a dedicated room for it. It is a rather big bedroom. I have all my hunting and shooting stuff in their also. All my weapons are kept in that room in 3 rather large Browning Pro Steel safes. I like what reloading my own ammo does for the choices of bullets and power(either high or low) of the ammo. I heard long ago that when you reload your own ammo you really don't save any money cuz you shoot alot more. I believe this to be true. Of course the more you shoot the better you become. So it comes back to you. For certin applications you can do so much more with handloads. ie,I load a 200gr Sierra BTHP for my wifes .30-30 Ackley Improved. (T/C Contender)For your single shot guns(NEF,T/C,Ruger #1&3,and some of the others)you can seat the bullets way out to engauge the lands for better accuracy. Also for some of the weapons that have the super strong actions(Mauser,Ruger falling blocks,some of the Browning Hi-Walls,etc.)you can really boost the power of the loaded round. I have a Ruger#1H in .458,that I'm shooting a 400gr Barnes 200fps faster than any loading manual will tell you can be done. A single shot .45-70 (Ruger)has huge potential as a large, dangerous game weapon,properly loaded. As long as you can handle the recoil the weapon will handle the powder charge. IMO those that don't reload are missing a big part of shooting.-------
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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