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Remember Port Arthur

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I know that gun owners have made a little progress in the last few years in regard to regaining the right to defend one's self, but caution is the better part of valor. Some years ago there was an incident in Port Arthur Australia. One half-wit with little or no gun experince shot and killed a couple dozen people. His kill rate was better than trained spec ops troops. Shortly after after he was arrested he was shuffled off to prison with no trial. Within days the Goverment of Australia passed a national gun ban. Conspiracy theory? Perhaps, but does the socialist-left have boundries? Are they above staging a media event to "prove their agenda? Communists were famous for this crap and the Nazis Killed a bunch of prisoners and dressed them up as Polish troops and staged a failed attack by Poland too justify their invasion of Poland. After the lies and crap that the left has pulled I would not put anything past them. I hope it never happens. I hope I am just another internet conspiracy theorist and can be laughed off as a paranoid. I would gladly accept the mocking.
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It does make you don't think the news media in the U.S. would stoop to the level of creating "news," as opposed to just reporting the facts, do you?

Never turn your BS meter off.

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