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Remember Port Arthur

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I know that gun owners have made a little progress in the last few years in regard to regaining the right to defend one's self, but caution is the better part of valor. Some years ago there was an incident in Port Arthur Australia. One half-wit with little or no gun experince shot and killed a couple dozen people. His kill rate was better than trained spec ops troops. Shortly after after he was arrested he was shuffled off to prison with no trial. Within days the Goverment of Australia passed a national gun ban. Conspiracy theory? Perhaps, but does the socialist-left have boundries? Are they above staging a media event to "prove their agenda? Communists were famous for this crap and the Nazis Killed a bunch of prisoners and dressed them up as Polish troops and staged a failed attack by Poland too justify their invasion of Poland. After the lies and crap that the left has pulled I would not put anything past them. I hope it never happens. I hope I am just another internet conspiracy theorist and can be laughed off as a paranoid. I would gladly accept the mocking.
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QKShooter said:
So far.......Every time the Lib Left Media has tried to "create" news it has really backfired on them.
I DO BELIEVE that the anti~guns truly WANT an incident like that to happen but would probably never create it.
They want it to "just happen" over & over again though.
I think that if they believed in God that they would actually pray for it to happen. :rolleyes:
There is nothing that they (the true radical, extreme, anti~gunners) would like better than a mass massacre at a school playground.
They are truly sick people!
They HATE firearms so much that they actually HOPE that innocent people get killed by that it helps to further their anti~gun agenda.
On the outside they say "It's So Terrible." & "How Sad...What A Tragedy!" but really they are jumping up and down for joy on the inside.
I don't think they would actually go so far as to plan anything like that though. ULTRA LIB LEFT WING "Nut Case" would act alone & try to fake an anti~gun slaughter. His Ultra Liberal past would give him away though. Sort of like the Left Wing Uni~Bomber but with an assault type rifle or a (gulp) evil handgun.
A situation like that would be no more representative of the
majority of middle-of-the-road left wingers than a "Crazed Gun Nut" would be of us. Just my opinion.
I hope you are right. I think their could be a Ultra Lib Left Wing "nut case" or two strolling about in perhaps Kaliforniastan or the Fatherland of New York City. I would agree if you are implying that this is not Australia, because Columbine would have been the end for gun ownership here if we were like the Serfdom of Australia or the Fiefdom of Merry Ole' England.
QKShooter said:
I sure WILL admit this.
Every doggone time I think I've seen and heard it ALL...something else totally bizarre happens that I could never have even dreamed up. :confused:
Nothing in the news shocks me any more these days.
People are unreal.
So...could it happen? I sure guess that it could.
Hey I am with you. Everytime you think you have seen the most stupid act, there is another butt head ready to make the last one look reasonable in comparison. I read an argument on the internet regarding how effective aluminum foil lining in hats was in blocking alien abductions. Everyone knows that you need to use Satanite not aluminum foil, geez! :)
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