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I keep a loaded 12 gauge Winchester Defender inside the closet in the master bedroom of my house. It is equipted with a side saddle and has a tactical light on the end of it. The tactial light is a Surefire pistol light on a bracket that attaches to the magazine tube. No sling but it has the swivels.

I also have a almost new Remington Marine Mag also in 12 gauge. No light on it but is also has the swing swivels.

I'm thinking of buying a Surefire forearm light for one of these shotguns.

Both weapons have been routinely test fired and I've got no problem with either.

Post Katrina the Defender went to New Orleans with me for about 3 weeks and was a great duty weapon. It got wet, dry, dropped, kicked, abused and it worked fine. It lived either on my shoulder, by my sleeping bag or in the boat for a long period of time and it was wonderul weapons.

At the time, it did not have a light on it. I really wished I'd had a light on it but did not.

Anyway I'm going to take the plunge and buy a light for one of these shotguns. Right now, I'm leaning towards the defender because it has the side saddle. Got a couple of questions and I'm looking for some help.

1. Where can I find a very good quality replacement magazine spring for the Winchester? I'd really like to find one that is superior to the factory original. Anyone know of one in stainless steel or some other metal?

2. I went and looked at the Surefire lights today and am pretty sure I'm going to buy one. I've admired them for years but today decided to just pull the trigger and buy one.

3. How tough is it to change the forearm on both of these shotguns? I know I did this a long time ago on a different Remington but have no idea on the Winchester. Any idea?

4. I'm looking for a good evaluation of the Surefire. I held a shotgun today that had one on it and I think the thing is heavy. Yea, I know, you've got a flashlight hanging out there but it did seem a bit heavy.

5. In all likelyhood, and hopefully, this shotgun will continue to live undisturbed (except for an occassional range firing) above the closet door until I die. Last year we were w/o power for 10 days because of another hurricane and it lived by my bed. At this time I had the modified Surefire light on it and it was a life saver. We were running a generator at night and everything seemed to go bump in the night when the house is open and the generator is screaming. What is the long term storage life of the batteries in the Surefire. Anybody got any real experience with these on the batteries.

6. I keep a Glock 21SF with a Surefire light mounted on the inside top of a closet by the front door of my house. It lives in a holster that is mounted upside down and set for ready access. How about the shelf live of these batteries?

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
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