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Remove pallet from new gun safe or not?

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Since I'm getting a full-size gun safe tomorrow, I had a question about the pallet attached to the bottom of the safe.

Should I have it removed from the bottom of the safe, or leave it on?

Things to consider:
- The safe will be in a climate-controlled room (my home office).
- It will be visible to friends and family. (The pallet isn't exactly attractive)
- It will be sitting on a carpeted area of the floor.

Pallet...yes or no? Thanks again! :smile:
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Bye Bye Pallet...make it go bye bye...but make sure your safe is fully operational with no defects first.
Loose the pallet....BUT....BIG BUT.... if on carpet,make sure to check the safe for the "tip factor". Most safes will fall towards you when you open the door. Mine are on thick pile carpet and I had to put pieces(strips) of wood under the leading edge. Mine are 1" X 2" X as long
as the safe is wide. When in place,tip it back and slide it under. You will have to expierament with the thickness of the wood. This is a no-$hitter. People are seriously injured by safes every year. -----
The safe I'm getting is a fire-rated American Security safe.

Dimensions: 60"H x 22"W x 16"D

I noticed that the pallet protrudes in front of the safe about 4". The pallet looks bad.

Will there be a humidity problem with it sitting on the carpet? (Meaning: humidity under the safe...not inside the safe) Again, this is in a climate-controlled room in the Dallas area.
If climate controlled room then should be no prob straight on to carpet.

Pallettes usually get pretty beat up by time the things arrive - so remove with care and as RSSZ mentions, beware any tip problems. Good to have many pairs of hands at this stage to ensure stability.

There should be holes in bottom where pallette bolted on - so remove bolts first and then if possible put new bolts in, type depending on floor substrate.
i made a little carpet covering around my pallet so it looks like its on a a raised portion of the floor i did that incase of flooding ..

Yes it has been a smart move as that room did flood when water line broke
I left mine on the pallet - worried about flooding since it's on the (under)ground floor, like Bud said. I don't have to worry about the carpet rotting out under it because of some foundation leak that I didn't see, or humidity underneath it.
We're just going to carpet the front of the pallet. And, since it sticks out the front, I don't have to worry about that tip problem - and they will sure do it, that big door swinging is really a lot of leverage. My only concern was that someone could get a pallet jack under it, but then I realized that if someone did that, they'd have the people to break the doors down and move it anyway.

Contact your insurance co. as you may qualify for some sort of reduced rate if you own a fire rated security safe.
remove it

I own three Liberty Safes and the compnay says that the pallet needs to be removed before you place the safe in its final spot. The reason for this is because the safe has two bolts that hold the safe to the pallet. once these bolts are removed and the pallet is removed these holes act as a way to anchor it to the floor. Check with the dealer of the safe you should be able to buy through him a floor mount kit. This is highly recommended. One the safe will not tip over when the door is opened. Second the save can not be pushed over if someone is trying to gain access to it. Third the safe can not be moved out of the house and onto a truck so the theif is stopped cold from taking it. You might be laughing at that last comment but it has happened trust me!!!!!
I have an insurance "rider"type policy on my weapons and several other items that reside in my safes. The fact that my house is alarmed,safes are alarmed and bolted together,and in a "secure" room make my insurance minimal. My safes sit on thick carpet that is on top of a concrete pad. This is completely secure from all but the team of true professionals that have unlimited "inside the house" time. Plus a couple of other goodies that I learned over the years. Good luck BG's. Cocky? Me? Damn right !!! ------
Well, it will NOT be bolted to the floor. We live in an apartment, so I don't think that is an option. We'll be moving in a year...hopefully to a house.
i for sure would leave it on pallet then if you plan to move in a year
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