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Retention Holsters for CCW?

Scott said:
I agree with acparmed. For CCW I would not choose a retention holster. For LEOs it makes sense because the BG may have the gun as his target since it is there carried openly. For a CCW the BG won't know the gun is there until it is time to use it. So retention in your hands is very important.-Scott-
I'm with y'all. LEOs need holster devices, since their guns are visible and more susceptible to a grab. But IMHO, all CCW permit holders should have some form of both weapons retention training and hand to hand combat training. Self defense has to be a work of layers. Whether that be a nonlethal application of a stun device or spray or martial arts approach, sometimes a gun just is not going to be the proper or lawful application of force.

I prefer Aikido as it works equally well for men and women and even kids and requires ZERO expression of strength and works up close, in fact the closer the better. And no punches or kicks or even extreme flexibility.
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