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Retention Holsters

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Do you like them, hate them, use them? I don't, but recently read an article in SWAT that recommended using them. The only exposure I have had to them was on my duty holster when I worked a a reserve police officer. I remember at the time that it seemed cumbersome at first but after practicing, it was so easy it was almost like it wasn't there.
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I like the added retention syems. CQC kydex Blackhawk and the Binachi Carry loc both seem really nice. Its a button placed in line with your natural draw. Any retention sytem that would slow the draw or require a rocking to release is bad to me. Some situations may require less than deadly for , and I like the fact my gun will stay put, especially if you are trying to wrestle awy from someone.
Probably will get the Serpa if they make 1 for my HK in LH, or I get a 1911.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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