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Do you like them, hate them, use them? I don't, but recently read an article in SWAT that recommended using them. The only exposure I have had to them was on my duty holster when I worked a a reserve police officer. I remember at the time that it seemed cumbersome at first but after practicing, it was so easy it was almost like it wasn't there.
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Personally I don't see the need for one for CCW. My holsters with tension hold keep the gun held very well, I can even hang upside-down and not have it fall out if it's properly adjusted.

Even having a thumb break on a CCW holster can be detrimental. I like being able to reholster one handed and the thumb break straps can get in the way when I am reholstering.

I have always taught that if you need 2 hands to put your gun in the holster, then you have the wrong holster. You should be able to reholster without looking or "feeling" for the holster.

Just my opinion.
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